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Regardless of the rise of online knowledge exchange, physical encounters are still invaluable. Therefore we organize events in which we focus on meeting each other. We arrange the perfect mix of content, interaction, appearance and reporting.

Recent examples of our work include the Opening Event of the International Social Housing Festival, the series of meetings called ‘Reengineering the Architect’ and several educational meetings that we organized for TU Delft.

To be able to organize the perfect event, we first finetune the goals and the target group of the event and the links with other (online) activities. Next we work on the content, which means that we refine the theme and build a collective of people (speakers) that will play a role during the event. Besides we produce the actual event, which means we find a location and work on the details. And last but not least we communicate about the event. To make sure that the right people are in the room and finally to spread the results of the meeting with a broad audience.

Interested in our work? We are happy to tell more about it!  Please leave your contact info and inquiry below and we’ll get in touch!

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